A Productive Day of Crochet and Unboxing - Vlog

TLDRIn this vlog, I had a productive day of crochet, made cute turtle amigurumi, unboxed a phone case from Wally cases, and enjoyed some refreshing drinks.

Key insights

🐢I made adorable turtle amigurumi using different colored yarns.

📱I unboxed a phone case from Wally cases and shared my affiliate code for a discount.

I stopped for a drink at my favorite cafe and showed off my cute cup.

💼I went to the post office to ship orders and shared my gratitude for customers.

🎁I received yarn and other crochet supplies in the mail.


Where can I find the phone cases from Wally cases?

You can find Wally cases on their website. Use my affiliate code 'Negrete10' for a discount.

How did you make the turtle amigurumi?

I used different colored yarns and crocheted the shapes following a pattern. It's a fun and cute project to try!

What other crochet projects do you have?

I have various crochet projects, including blankets, scarves, and amigurumi. Check out my other videos for more inspiration!

Where do you get your crochet supplies?

I get my crochet supplies from various sources, including local craft stores and online retailers. It's always fun to find new yarns and hooks!

Can I order a custom amigurumi from you?

Yes, I accept custom orders for amigurumi. Please reach out to me through my website or social media channels to discuss your request.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and gratitude for viewers' support.

02:45Trip to the post office and enjoying a refreshing drink.

06:17Unboxing a phone case from Wally cases and sharing the affiliate code.

09:48Showing the completed turtle amigurumi and starting a new project.

13:16Receiving yarn supplies in the mail.