A Hearty Meal and Shopping in Insa-dong

TLDRHamzy and Tzuyang enjoy a delicious meal of deep-fried pork galbi, kimchi udon, and more in Insa-dong. They explore the busy streets, indulge in assorted gukbap, and browse through the shops, reminiscing about their hangovers and planning for their move to the countryside.

Key insights

🍺Enjoying a refreshing beer with their meal

🔥Eating spicy food despite their low tolerance

😋Appreciating the delicious taste of the deep-fried pork galbi

🍜Savoring the satisfying and hot kimchi udon

🛍️Shopping for props and other items in Insa-dong


What is the recommended dish at the restaurant?

The deep-fried pork galbi is highly recommended.

Do they enjoy spicy food?

Yes, they love spicy food despite their low tolerance.

What is the specialty of Insa-dong?

Insa-dong is known for its traditional Korean vibes and variety of shops.

Why are they shopping for props?

They are moving to the countryside and need furniture and decorations for their new home.

What did they eat for breakfast?

They did not mention breakfast in the video.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Hamzy and Tzuyang start their day with a meeting and work before heading to ROAD ROCK BEER for a paid promotion.

09:27They arrive at the restaurant in Magok and order various dishes, including deep-fried pork galbi, kimchi udon, and more.

12:57Hamzy can't resist and eats leftover deep-fried pork galbi at 3 in the morning.

13:38The next day, they explore Insa-dong and enjoy assorted gukbap at a local restaurant.

15:35They continue shopping for props and other items for their new home in the countryside.