A Day in the Life: Workouts, Appointments, and Shopping Haul

TLDRFollow along as I go through a day filled with a workout class, appointments, and a shopping haul. Get a glimpse into my daily routine and see what I've been buying recently.

Key insights

💪Starting the day with a workout class

📅Running errands and attending appointments

🛍️Unboxing and showing recent purchases

🏋️Discussing fitness routines and exercise preferences

😴Taking breaks and relaxing at home


What is Orange Theory?

Orange Theory is a fitness studio that offers high-intensity group workouts combining cardiovascular and strength training exercises.

Why do you always start on the treadmill?

Starting on the treadmill is a personal preference, and I find it more effective for getting my heart rate up.

Do you recommend the APL shoes?

Yes, I recently got a pair of APL shoes, and I love them. They are comfortable and versatile for workouts and everyday wear.

What is your skincare routine?

I use a range of skincare products, including Super Fridays serum, Drunk Elephant bronzing drops, and Summer Fridays moisturizer. I also prioritize wearing sunscreen.

What are your favorite YouTube channels?

I enjoy watching Casey Neistat, JC Caylen, and Aspyn Ovard, among others, for lifestyle, travel, and vlogs.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Starting the day with a workout class and picking up a smoothie

01:45Heading to an appointment and listening to a podcast on the drive

03:30Unboxing and showing recent purchases from Brandy Melville and Gerf Avenue

05:30Discussing fitness routines and exercise preferences

07:00Taking breaks, relaxing at home, and preparing for a girls' night