A Day in the Life of Japanese Elementary School Students

TLDRFollow the Shirasaka family's daily routine as they navigate a typical Japanese elementary school day. From waking up to studying kanji and practicing calligraphy, experience the unique customs and educational system in Japan.

Key insights

🏫Japanese elementary schools often have few students, leading to a close-knit community and personalized attention.

📚Students learn important subjects like Japanese language, mathematics, art, and music.

👥Cooperation and teamwork are emphasized through activities like cleaning the school and working on projects together.

🖌️Calligraphy is a mandatory class, teaching students patience, concentration, and a respect for tradition.

🎒Students use 'randoseru,' a traditional Japanese backpack, designed to protect books and instill a sense of uniformity.


What is the average class size in Japanese elementary schools?

With declining populations, small schools like the one shown often have only a handful of students, creating a close-knit community.

What subjects do Japanese elementary school students study?

Students study subjects like Japanese language, mathematics, art, music, calligraphy, and physical education.

Do Japanese students have breaks during the school day?

Yes, students have short breaks between classes and longer breaks after the second period to relax and prepare for the next lessons.

Why is calligraphy important in Japanese schools?

Calligraphy teaches students patience, concentration, and respect for tradition. It also improves their handwriting skills.

What is a 'randoseru' backpack?

'Randoseru' is a traditional Japanese backpack designed to protect books and maintain a sense of uniformity among students.

Timestamped Summary

00:30Meet the Shirasaka family and their three children: Idu, Rukia, and Ruy.

02:10Experience their morning routine, from getting ready to eating breakfast together.

04:00Walk with the kids to school as they join their classmates and enjoy the group commute.

05:50Learn about the unique 'randoseru' backpacks that Japanese students use.

07:00Witness the morning rituals at school, including cleaning and personal hygiene practices.

09:00Observe the different classes throughout the day, including Japanese language, math, art, music, and calligraphy.

12:00Discover the importance of cooperation and teamwork in Japanese schools.

14:00Experience art class and the collaborative calendar-making project.

16:00Learn about the benefits of studying calligraphy and the use of tablets in the classroom.

17:00Visit the principal's office to gain insight into the challenges faced by small schools with declining student populations.