A Day in the Life of a FedEx Ground Driver

TLDRFollow a FedEx Ground driver on a typical workday, delivering to commercial buildings and residential houses. The driver shares insights about the job and the differences between residential and commercial deliveries. Experience the challenges and rewards of being a FedEx driver.

Key insights

🚚FedEx Ground drivers deliver to both commercial buildings and residential houses.

🏠Residential deliveries require more stops than commercial deliveries.

📦Delivering to commercial buildings can be more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

🌆COVID-19 has impacted businesses, with some closing or undergoing construction.

The driver's work pace is influenced by being paid hourly rather than per stop.


What is the average life of a FedEx Ground driver?

The life of a FedEx Ground driver involves delivering packages to both commercial and residential locations. It can vary depending on the route and the number of stops.

Are residential deliveries faster than commercial deliveries?

Residential deliveries tend to take longer due to the larger number of stops compared to commercial deliveries.

How do FedEx drivers handle construction or closed businesses?

FedEx drivers encounter construction or closed businesses during their routes. They may have difficulty delivering packages in such cases.

Do FedEx drivers get paid per stop or hourly?

FedEx Ground drivers are typically paid hourly rather than per stop, which can influence their work pace.

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Timestamped Summary

00:10The video shows a FedEx Ground driver preparing for the workday.

00:50The driver discusses the difference between residential and commercial deliveries.

02:10The driver delivers packages to commercial buildings and describes their aesthetic appeal.

02:55COVID-19 has affected businesses, with closures and construction.

04:50The driver explains the difference in work pace between hourly pay and per stop pay.

07:00The driver engages in pickups after finishing deliveries to businesses.

09:50The driver shows a 7-Eleven stop for a quick snack.

10:30The driver completes the remaining pickups and ends the workday.