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A Comprehensive Guide to Vue.js for Absolute Beginners

TLDRLearn the basics of Vue.js, a JavaScript framework for building applications and websites. Discover its advantages, such as faster performance, code organization, and flexibility. Explore key concepts like the virtual DOM and progressive framework. Get started with Vue.js using the createApp and mount methods. Understand directives for data binding, conditional rendering, and event handling. Use v-model to capture input and v-if to conditionally render elements. Learn how to toggle visibility using the click event and create methods for custom logic. Explore the v-cloak directive to prevent rendering before the app is loaded.

Key insights

🔧Vue.js provides tools and standards for faster and dynamic web development.

📦Vue.js is extremely lightweight, with a small file size of 8-10 kilobytes when gzipped.

🐱‍👤Vue.js is a progressive framework, allowing you to use it for small features or as a full-featured framework for large-scale applications.

📅Vue.js was started in 2013 by Evan You and has since gained popularity worldwide.

🔌Vue.js can be extended with additional libraries like Vue Router and Vuex for more advanced functionality.


What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building applications and websites. It offers tools for faster development, code organization, and flexibility.

What is the virtual DOM in Vue.js?

The virtual DOM is a performance optimization technique used by Vue.js. It allows for faster and more efficient updates to the user interface.

How small is the file size of Vue.js?

Vue.js is extremely lightweight, with a file size of just 8-10 kilobytes when gzipped.

What makes Vue.js a progressive framework?

Vue.js is considered a progressive framework because it can be used for both small features on websites and full-featured applications. It offers flexibility in terms of what features and tools you choose to use.

Who created Vue.js?

Vue.js was created by Evan You in 2013 and has since gained popularity worldwide.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Gwendolyn Farraday, an experienced software developer and instructor, introduces Vue.js, a JavaScript framework for building applications and websites.

12:32Vue.js provides directives, such as v-model and v-if, for data binding and conditional rendering.

19:51Events and methods in Vue.js allow for interactivity. The v-on directive, or its shorthand @, is used to listen for events like clicks or key presses.

22:21The v-cloak directive is used to hide elements until the Vue.js application is fully loaded.