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8 Annoying Features of iPhones in 2024

TLDRIn 2024, iPhones still lack basic features like an auto brightness toggle, the ability to rename photos and videos, pause video recordings, a streamlined phone dialer, T9 dialing, easy home screen organization, efficient app uninstallation, and a simple data transfer process.

Key insights

🔅No toggle for auto brightness on iPhones

📷Inability to rename photos and videos on iPhones

⏸️Cannot pause video recordings on iPhones

📞Archaic and inefficient phone dialer on iPhones

🆎Lack of T9 dialing on iPhones


Can you set auto brightness on iPhones?

Yes, but the process is lengthy and inconvenient. You need to go into settings, accessibility, display and text size, and scroll to find the auto brightness toggle.

Can you rename photos and videos on iPhones?

No, there is no direct way to rename photos and videos on iPhones. You would need to save them as files and rename them in the Files app.

Can you pause video recordings on iPhones?

No, there is no pause button while recording videos on iPhones. You have to stop and start multiple times to achieve the same effect.

Is the phone dialer on iPhones efficient?

No, the phone dialer on iPhones is archaic and lacks organization. It includes calls from various apps and lacks the ability to differentiate between different calling platforms.

Do iPhones have T9 dialing?

No, iPhones do not have T9 dialing, which allows users to type numbers corresponding to letters to find contacts. This feature is available on Android devices.

Timestamped Summary

00:00In 2024, Apple still hasn't addressed the lack of basic features on iPhones.

00:23One of the frustrating features missing on iPhones is the auto brightness toggle.

00:52Another annoyance is the inability to rename photos and videos on iPhones.

02:03Users are also unable to pause video recordings on iPhones, resulting in multiple clips for a single video.

03:11The phone dialer on iPhones is outdated and includes calls from multiple apps, making it difficult to navigate.

03:57T9 dialing, a feature available on Android devices, is absent on iPhones.

04:49Organizing the home screen and uninstalling apps on iPhones can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

06:22The process of transferring data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone is limited and complicated.