73 Questions with Bella: A Day at the Horse Stable

TLDRIn this interview, Bella answers 73 questions while exploring a horse stable. She talks about her love for horses, her childhood memories, her career in modeling, and her favorite things. Bella also feeds the horses and shares insights into her life as a model and her aspirations.

Key insights

🐴Bella fell in love with horses when she realized they could be her best friends.

📸Bella's passion for photography influenced her decision to become a model.

🌊Bella loves nature and feels a deep connection to the environment.

🦋Butterflies hold a special meaning for Bella and represent her growth and transformation.

🌟Bella considers her health and mental state to be her biggest career successes.


What is Bella's favorite dish?

Bella's favorite dish is spaghetti bolognese.

What is Bella's favorite TV show?

Bella loves Seinfeld.

What is Bella's best habit?

Bella's best habit is being kind.

What is Bella's worst habit?

Bella's worst habit is also being kind.

What is Bella's favorite guilty pleasure?

Bella's favorite guilty pleasure is late-night pizza or anything sweet.

Timestamped Summary

00:06Bella talks about her love for horses and how they can be her best friends.

01:56Bella discusses her passion for photography and how it influenced her career as a model.

03:27Bella shares her love for nature and animals, especially butterflies.

05:31Bella reveals that her biggest career success is her health and mental state.

07:32Bella talks about her favorite dish, spaghetti bolognese, and her love for Seinfeld.