30-Day Art School Challenge: Improving My Drawing Skills

TLDRJoin me as I take on a 30-day art school challenge to improve my drawing skills. I'll start by drawing one of my favorite characters and then dive into art school lessons and exercises. At the end, I'll redraw the character and see how much I've improved.

Key insights

🎨Consistency and practice are key to improving your drawing skills.

📚Art school lessons cover important topics like perspective, anatomy, color, and storytelling.

💡Understanding the foundations of art, such as anatomy and perspective, helps in creating better artwork.

🖌️Learning to use software like Photoshop and shortcuts can improve efficiency in digital art creation.

🌟Applying learned skills and techniques to create a final artwork demonstrates progress and improvement.


How long did it take to complete the 30-day art school challenge?

I completed five terms of the art school lessons in 30 days, dedicating around one to two hours each day.

What were some of the topics covered in the lessons?

The lessons covered various topics, including perspective, anatomy, color and light, shadows, and storytelling.

Did the challenge help improve your drawing skills?

Yes, the challenge helped me improve my understanding of anatomy, perspective, color, and digital art techniques.

What were some of the challenges you faced during the challenge?

Some challenges included learning new software like Photoshop and understanding complex art concepts like clothed figure drawing.

Would you recommend taking on a similar art challenge?

Absolutely! Taking on a challenge like this can help improve your skills, gain valuable knowledge, and enhance your artistic ability.

Timestamped Summary

00:00The challenge involves improving drawing skills through a 30-day art school challenge.

02:20The challenge starts with drawing a favorite character as a starting point.

03:55Lessons in the art school cover various topics like perspective, anatomy, color, and light.

05:50Improvements in understanding shape, control, and software proficiency are observed.

08:37The challenge concludes with a final artwork demonstrating progress and improvement.