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TLDRThis video covers 25 important architecture interview questions, including explanations of project architecture, architecture styles, and design patterns.

Key insights

🏢Project architecture consists of different layers, such as UI, MVC, and database.

📚Architecture styles, like REST, define guidelines and principles for network applications.

Design patterns, like Repository and Factory, help solve common design problems in software development.

🗣️Candidate-driven interview questions allow candidates to provoke further discussion based on their answers.

🤔When unsure about an answer, diplomatically express the need for further research instead of guessing.


What is the difference between architecture styles and design patterns?

Architecture styles define high-level principles for network applications, while design patterns solve specific design problems in software development.

How can candidate-driven interview questions benefit job seekers?

Candidate-driven interview questions allow candidates to steer the conversation towards their strengths and demonstrate their knowledge and experience.

What if I don't know the answer to an interview question?

If you're unsure about an answer, diplomatically express that you need to research further instead of guessing or giving incorrect information.

What are some common architecture patterns used in software development?

Common architecture patterns include MVC, MVP, MVVM, layered architecture, and microservices.

How can design patterns benefit software developers?

Design patterns provide reusable solutions to common design problems, improving the maintainability and scalability of software systems.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and disclaimer

01:59Understanding candidate-driven interview questions

04:20Explaining the project architecture

08:21Differentiating architecture styles and design patterns

10:32Importance of avoiding guessing during interviews

11:27Overview of rest as an architecture style