10 Tech Items Transformed into Lego Creations

TLDRWatch as I build Lego versions of popular tech items, including a smartphone, airpods, VR headset, gaming system, Apple watch, vacuum cleaner, Alexa, camera, drone, and gaming PC setup.

Key insights

🧱I successfully built Lego versions of 10 popular tech items.

💡Building Lego tech creations requires creativity and problem-solving skills.

🔋I included functioning features in some of the Lego tech items, such as the blender and gaming PC setup.

🤖I showcased the versatility of Lego bricks and their ability to replicate real-world objects.

🎮I engaged with popular tech trends, such as VR, gaming, and smart devices.


Did you use any specialized Lego pieces in these creations?

I mainly used standard Lego bricks and plates, but for some items like the VR headset and gaming PC setup, I had to incorporate Technic pieces and motors.

Are these Lego creations functional?

Some of them have functional features, such as the blender and gaming PC setup. However, they are primarily intended as display models rather than fully functional replicas.

How long did it take to build each Lego tech item?

The time taken to build each item varied depending on its complexity. Some simpler items like the smartphone took a few minutes, while more intricate creations like the gaming PC setup took several hours.

Can I buy these Lego tech creations?

These creations are not available for purchase as they were made for this video. However, you can try building your own versions using Lego bricks and following the instructions shown in the video.

What inspired you to create Lego versions of tech items?

As a Lego enthusiast and a fan of technology, I wanted to combine my passions and showcase the creative possibilities of Lego bricks. It was a fun challenge to reimagine popular tech items in a Lego form.

Timestamped Summary

00:00I challenge myself to build Lego versions of 10 popular tech items.

02:14I start by building a Lego smartphone, complete with a Lego screen and apps.

05:28I successfully build Lego airpods using minifigure headpieces and paddle accessories.

07:39I create a Lego VR headset with a slot for a phone and elastic bands for comfort.

09:56I build a Lego gaming system inspired by the Nintendo Switch, complete with detachable Joy-Con controllers.

12:06I construct a Lego Apple Watch with a flexible strap and a Lego screen displaying apps.

13:59I attempt to build a Lego vacuum cleaner that moves and collects pieces, but it doesn't work as expected.

15:54I create a Lego Alexa, complete with a Lego base and buttons for interaction.

17:960I build a Lego camera with a rectangular body, a Lego screen, and buttons for control.

20:37I construct a Lego drone with four propellers and a Lego camera on the front.

23:10I build a Lego Tesla car, complete with a detailed interior and a Lego charging station.

25:15I create a Lego PlayStation 5, complete with a Lego console and a Lego controller.

28:00I build a complete gaming PC setup, including a Lego keyboard, mouse, monitor, and tower.

30:06I demonstrate all the Lego tech items together and showcase their details and functionality.